Here are all my posts in age order, from newest to oldest. This way it is more organised and easier to navigate than my home page, quickly allowing you to scroll through my posts and hopefully find any of interest!
I may add a small picture next to each post name eventually, helping identify each by image as well as name when quickly scrolling through the posts here.


Synthesis of sodium citrate

Extracting ethanol from hand cleansing gel

The Hot Ice demonstration

The Crystal Garden demonstration

Extracting lithium metal from batteries

The Rainbow Snow Globe demonstration

Synthesis of copper(II) chloride using copper metal

Extracting propan-2-ol from old food dyes

The Chemical Chameleon demonstration

Synthesis of copper powder using copper(II) sulfate

Synthesis of alkali metal hydroxides via electrolysis

Household materials or laboratory glassware?

Extracting red phosphorus from match boxes

Extracting zinc, MnO2 and carbon electrodes from Zinc Chloride batteries

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