TSC: The Silver Tree Demonstration and The Reactivity Series


Every element on the periodic table is as unique as the next, differing in color, toxicity, boiling points, magnetic properties, and of course, reactivity. Chemical reactivity is an important predictor of reactions, sometimes shown in a simplified form known as the reactivity series. Learn about it through a step-by-step demonstration of the famous ‘Silver Tree’ experiment that you can try at home!

To read the full article, click here, or follow the link below:



This post was written for The Skeptical Chemist (TSC), a website that has me recruited as an author. They are a small team of writers hoping to empower the reader with scientifically accurate information in a fun way, combating how media outlets tend to exaggerate scientific claims.

I enjoy writing guides there in the High School Level Guides category, using practical chemistry and demonstrations to help explain those tricky concepts taught in high school. I will occasionally be posting on this blog links to new posts I have written for the TSC, as this blog is a collection of all things chemical I write, but I would highly recommend checking out their website along with their other authors and content!

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